Dynamic Positioning System

Dynamic Positioning System



The Mega-Guard Dynamic Positioning System (DP) automatically controls a vessel’s heading and position by activating thrusters based upon data as received from position reference systems, gyrocompasses, wind sensors and motion reference units. The Auto Track mode allows the ship to move along a pre-defined track at low speed as defined by the operator.

The Mega-Guard Joystick Control System (JC) is a basic version of the Mega-Guard DP system and allows the operator to automatically control the heading and manually position the vessel based upon data as received from gyrocompasses and wind sensors.

The Mega-Guard DP and JC system are based upon the field-proven products of the Mega-Guard product line and the experience as gained on the design and delivery of joystick control systems as supplied on many different kind of vessels since 1980 (see reference list).

The Mega-Guard DP and JC system are suited for e.g. supply vessels, tug boats, dredgers, cable and pipe laying vessels, FPSO's, heavy lift vessels and mega-yachts in full accordance with the  applicable classification and IMO rules (DP1, DP2 and DP3).