Tokyo Keiki / Tokimec

Tokyo Keiki / Tokimec

autopilot tokimec pr 9000

The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot system from TOKYO KEIKI.The PR-9000 is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments. Safety, accuracy, and reliability of information have been enhanced in our model lineup thereby significantly improving situational awareness and navigational safety. And indispensable autopilot system providing effective and safe bridge resource management and energy efficient navigation.

autopilot tokimec pr 8000

Autopilot Tokimec PR-8000 - The marine autopilot receives signals from directional sensors such as the gyrocompass and uses them to automatically control the helm for navigation.

autopilot tokimec pr 6000

Autopilot Tokimec PR-6000 was designed with three fundamental concepts in mind: expanding and strengthening helm functions, thorough safety considerations, and improved reliability and more intelligent maintenance functions.