Tokyo Keiki / Tokimec

Tokyo Keiki / Tokimec

rx 05P0348a

PCB-0025C for autopilot tokimec PR-2000 

Model: PCB-0025C

Type: F3; A42H-V15H

rx 05P0348a

Potentiometer Tokimec 5K for autopilot tokimec PR-2000 

rx 05P0348a

Switching power supply 15V,5V for autopilot tokimec PR-8000

Type: SR1/SR2

rx 05P0348a

PCB RSA for Autopilot PR-6000

Type: 113394039

rx 05P0348a

PCB SCV for Autopilot PR-6000

Type: 113394042 

rx 05P0348a

Rotary Switch 32 terminal for autopilot tokimec PR-2000 

rx 05P0348a

PCB RPIF for autopilot tokimec PR-8000

Type: 11489409

The ship's heading azimuth and the setting course are input from ENR printed wired board.

The step azimuth is input from the step encoder.

The illumination, adjusting switch status is input from RPSW printed wired board.

Drives the repeater card illumination lamp.

rx 05P0348a

PCB DMD-10 for autopilot tokimec PR-6000 

Type: 113394212


rx 05P0348a

PCB MNIF for autopilot tokimec PR-8000

Type: 11489418

Alarm display processing section for individual alarm display.

Dimmer control section for individual alarm display.

Interface for CPU control section


rx 05P0348a

PCB MNDP for autopilot tokimec PR-8000

Type: 11489419

The following various display and operating switches

are installed in this printed wired board

rx 05P0348a

PCB PSSC for autopilot tokimec PR-8000

Type: 1148920

Display/alarm input conversion section.

Output switching circuit for D type.

Speed log pulse input conversion section.

Digital azimuth input processing section.

External contact point signal conversion section.

autopilot tokimec pr 9000

The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot system from TOKYO KEIKI.The PR-9000 is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments. Safety, accuracy, and reliability of information have been enhanced in our model lineup thereby significantly improving situational awareness and navigational safety. And indispensable autopilot system providing effective and safe bridge resource management and energy efficient navigation.