Furuno Felcom 15


Model: Felcom 15

■ Full coverage of Inmarsat-C services: EGC, Internet E-mail, distress message handling, polling, and data reporting
■ General data exchange, telex, etc.
■ GMDSS compliant with optional printer, AC/DC power supply unit
■ Shipborne LAN connection by Ethernet 10Base-T
■ 10.4" COLOR LCD Display Unit for improved legibility of incoming and outgoing messages
■ GPS position reporting
■ Remote distress alert unit
■ Two component system allows easy installation
■ Optional software for Windows PC to run E-mail/Telex
■ Optional internal GPS module

felcom 16 communication unit

Type: IC-216

Furuno Felcom 16 Communication Unit

Felcom 15 INM-C Antenna Unit

Felcom 15 INM-C Antenna Unit

Type: IC-115

Used for: Felcom 15

Felcom 15 Terminal Unit Class 2

Felcom 15 Terminal Unit Class 2

Type: IC-215

Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station Felcom 15

Condition: Used/Excellent Working Condition

IC-218 Terminal Unit

Felcom 18 Terminal Unit Class 2

Type: IC-218

Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station Felcom 18

Condition: Used/Excellent Working Condition


Model - terminal: NTF-782LT

Unique features: The JUE-95LT is a simple-to-install stand alone system that will easily and accurately transmit key information to improve the safety of life at sea.

LRIT: Long Range Indentification and Tracking (LRIT) is an IMO required global monitoring system of the ship's movements. The purpose of LRIT is to increase maritime domain awareness and to improve maritime security.

Background: Ships sailing under the flag of a country that signed up to the International Maritime Organisations' Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention must comply with new LRIT requirements from 2009 onwards. From this date, vessels must automatically transmit their identity and position, including date and time, at 6-hourly intervals. Additionally this system must be able to respond to requests from member states and LRIT data centres for immediate position reports and able to change the time interval between reports to a maximum frequency of every 15 minutes.

JRC Printer NKG-900

JRC Printer NKG-900

Model: NKG-900


SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal

SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal

The revolutionary SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal is designed to enhance the efficiency of safety communication as the defining component in a SAILOR 6000 GMDSS installation, as Inmarsat mini-C or as a radiotelex terminal.
The SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal enables the safe operation of a vessel’s IMO MDSS safety systems either when connected to the SAILOR 6110 mini-C or when operating in conjunction with the MF/HF installation to provide seamless radiotelex communications.

The SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal is built specifically for use at sea, and with the SAILOR dedication to quality, it is a highly reliable system that is able to withstand the harsh maritime environment.


Felcom Junction Box IC-318

Felcom Junction Box IC-318 for Felcom 18


Type: IC-318

Condition: Used/Excellent Working Condition


Printer PP 520

Furuno Printer PP-520


Model: PP-520

Power: 24V DC 1A

Condition: Used/Excellent Working Condition



NDZ-127C Data Terminal

Type: NDZ-127C

Inmarsat-C JUE-75C


IB-581 Terminal Unit

Type: IB-581

Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station Felcom 12