Raytheon Anschutz

Raytheon Anschutz

Gyrocompass anschutz std22

Gyrocompass Anschutz STD22 was designed as a modular system to meet customer requirements. The system consists of up to three gyro compasses and can include an operator unit and a distribution unit. Another gyro, a magnetic compass, a satellite compass, and/or an external rate-of-turn gyro can be integrated as additional sensors. A wide range of accessories is available.

gyrocompass anschutz std20

Gyrocompass Anschutz STD 20 provides an analog heading indication referred to true north. Via an absolute, coded scanning and transmission system, it guarantees an absolute and clear transmission of the compass heading reference via a serial interface to analog or digital repeater compasses, autopilot or other periphery devices that are able to process the serial interfaces of the compass.

anschutz gyro repeater type 133 811

Type: 133-811 NG 010 E02

Anschutz digital Repeater Compass is designed to indicate the ship’s heading referring to north, which has been ascertained by the Gyro/Magnetic compass (GPS/SAT for development status E02). The heading is read off at a 7-segment LCD display (luminous numerals). The Gyro (GPS/SAT development status E02) heading is shown in degrees and decimal degrees. The decimal digit is made smaller to prevent erroneous reading.
    Heading changes are indicated by a tendency indicator. Depending on the speed of the heading change, a ring consisting of bi-colour LCDs indicate a turn to starboard by green light and a turn to backboard by red light. The R.o.T. in the LED ring is proportional to the ship’s R.o.T.
    Further characteristics of the Digital Repeater Compass:
- Recognition of a RS 422 interface acc. to NMEA and therefore automatic change- over of the operation mode when heading serial is detected.
- Synchronisation unnecessary because transmission of absolute values.

gyrosphere anschutz std22

Gyrosphere raytheon anschutz

Used for: Gyrocompass Anschutz STD20, STD22

anchutz supporting liquid

Service pack for Gyro STD22:

  • Supporting liquid
  • Distal water
  • Pump rotor with axis STD22
  • Set of gaskets

Used for: Gyrocompass Raytheon Anschutz STD20, STD22

nmea buffer raytheon anschutz

Type: NB03-969.05-006

outer sphere pcb

Type: 110-233.101 E10