Facsimile - Navtex

Facsimile - Navtex

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Furuno Navtex Receiver FAX-208

Model: 08P3119



Furuno Weather Faximile Receiver FAX-408

Model: FAX-408


Clear-cut weather charts and satellite images in nine gray levels on 8" thermal paper.

Automatic channel selection by judging the quality of signal reception.

All known facsimile channels in 2-25MHz bands are pre-programmable channels available.

Full automatic operation by a built-in schedule timer (16 programs can be set per week for automatic operation).

Quiet thermal printing due to minimal mechanical components.

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JRC JAX-9A Receiver Unit                      

Model: CKK-503


JRC Weather Fax Receiver JAX-9B

Model: JAX-9B


The JAX-9B weather facsimile receiver is a very compact and lightweight solution, incorporating a set of enhanced features that allows for flexible operation.

The received fax broadcasts are recorded on thermal recording paper, using a thermal head with less moving parts. JRC integrated an automatic frequency selection, allowing for optimised receiving. The JAX-9B can receive in four different modes.