rx 05P0348a


jh 23t14

JH 23T14 MMD
The Series 1 Maritime Multi Display (MMD) models are delivered with Multi-power (AC and DC power input built in) ensuring that they are compatible with all power systems on all vessels. It will automatically switch to whatever power is connected, making it highly flexible for shipbuilders and system integrators alike. Connections in addition include DVI-I in, VGA out, VGA in, IEC outlet and USB I/O.

rx 05P0348a

Magnetron M1555

Model: M1555

Power out: 30kW

Frequency: 3040 ~ 30660 MHz

S band radar system.

rx 05P0348a

Magnetron M1568BS

Model: M1568BS

Power out: 25kW

Frequency: 9380 ~ 9440 MHz

X band radar system.

rx 05P0348a

Uni Power