Maintenance: Gyrocompass Anschutz STD-22

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Maintenance: Gyrocompass Navigat MK2

cplath mk2 maintenance 1  cplath mk2 maintenance 2  cplath mk2 maintenance 3

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Knowledge is key

LEMAR offers complete expertise for your equipment on board. When a problem arises on your vessel, deep knowledge of the equipment is required for an effective solution.

The maritime industry is currently undergoing significant transformations. In times, where the industry needs new solutions, service providers need to find innovative ways for supplying one of the oldest industries. This changes are being driven by the megatrends of digitalization, sustainability and urbanization and it results in new challenges. Mastering these successfully will require us to transform our company fundamentally. For the maritime industry, it is LEMAR goal to make the sea area synonymous with world class service in our core business areas.

Gyro Sphere: Raytheon Anschutz, Sperry Marine, Tokimec, Yokogawa

gyrosphere anschutz std22gyrosphere cplath navigat x mk1gyrosphere cplath navigat x mk2 gyro sphere tokimecgyrosphere yokogawa cmz700