gyrocompass yokogawa cmz 900

Gyrocompass Yokogawa CMZ-900 series has been type approved in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, resolution A.424 (XI) as well as JIS-F9602, class A standards.
- Resolution A.424(XI)
Performance standards for gyrocompasses
Certificate number of type approval
- JG: Under application (Gyrocompass CMZ900)
No. 4309 (Repeater compass MKR050)
- MED: Under application
- CCS: Scheduled

gyrocompass yokogawa cmz700

Gyrocompass yokogawa CMZ-700B drives the repeaters directly from the master compass without the control box. CMZ700S has various inputs and outputs with the control box. CMZ700D is for a dual gyro compass system.

  Improvement of followup function – The container mass reduced a burden to compass motor (stepping motor) and realized the follow-up speed of 30°/s (CMZ500:12°/s). This improvement enabled high-speed follow-up for small high-speed turning vessels.

  Operation by ship’s battery – Low power consumption realized ship’s battery drive. If AC adapter is connected, AC mains back-up the system. (AC adapter: Option).